The Assistant Director – Performance will be responsible for conducting individual and small group coaching sessions for non-majors students in all season productions, working closely with theatrical directors during rehearsals to achieve directorial goals with student actors. This position will also direct up to four productions each year including main-stage, studio-stage, summer Theatrefest, or other productions as assigned.

Responsibilities will include research and participation in show choice, creative development of theatrical show atmosphere, script preparation and stage blocking, coordination and execution of auditions, leading production design collaboration, rehearsal of four to six weeks and eight to ten stage performances.

This position will teach in a non-majors academic program. Department teaches credit courses in theatre studies each semester with classes of 15-40 non-majors students and administers a theatre minor. Assigned courses may include acting, advanced acting, special topics, movement, introduction to theatre, or others as needed by agreement and schedule. Evaluation of lab hours may be included, participation in course assessment required.

The Assistant Director – Performance conducts one-on-one or small group acting coaching for non-majors students in productions, preparing for graduate school, or in competitive presentation with hours as necessary and agreed upon with director.

About North Carolina State University Theatre

University Theatre is NC State’s volunteer student theatre. As a non-majors program, we provide the opportunity for all students at NC State to participate in theatre making producing 4-6 productions each year, instructing classes in theatre, including those in the theatre minor and operate the campus’ three theatre facilities.