Rejuvenate your craft with a five-day summer Intensive Acting Retreat!

Suit the Action to the Word; Developing the Physical Actor.

Hosted by director Danielle Dwyer, CJ, and members of Elements Theatre Company, the retreat is set in a beautiful, restorative atmosphere overlooking Rock Harbor on Cape Cod Bay.

Instructors are:

Louis Colaianni – Acting, Voice, Speech and Dialect Coach,

Patrice Egleston, Head of Movement and Head of BFA Acting, DePaul University

Susan Dibble, Choreographer, Dancer and Painter; Professor at Brandeis University.

July 14-20, on Cape Cod, MASS. APPLY HERE

“For students and teachers alike, Elements provided a safe, nourishing environment in which to thrive! Take risks! Expand!!”—Jane Nichols

Learn More: elementstheatre.org | 508-247-3147 | betsys@elementstheatre.org

About Elements Theatre Company

Since primitive man uttered his first “ugh,” humans have asked: who am I, how did I get here, and where am I going. Some have tried to answer or explore those questions through a particular brand of storytelling called “theatre.” We, at Elements Theatre Company explore those answers, and render the literature of the theatre with imagination and integrity. Elements is a resident ensemble, dedicated to exploring the vitality of the word and the deepest truths present in the text.