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Asbury University recognizes that communication competence is vital to success in every field and strongly encourages the development and understanding of a Christian philosophy of communication. The objective of the Communication Arts Department is to prepare students to communicate truthfully and effectively in this age of diversity. The School of Communication Arts includes two departments with multidimensional majors: the Department of Communication & Theatre Arts and The Department of Media, Journalism & Digital Storytelling. The Miller Center for Communication Arts was built in 2010, and features a 6,050 square foot television studio, additional labs, training areas, and the Greathouse Theatre, a 5,122 square foot blackbox theatre. The building serves to provide a realistic atmosphere for students planning to work in communication industries. The Miller also houses the Asbury University Production Design Studies Center, featuring production designs, sketches and storyboards from films from the 30’s to the present, along with the John DeCuir Collection of over 400 original set design paintings and over 1200 sketches.


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